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Building Content Pillars with Justin Champion - June 1, 2017 #SLCHUG Recap

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 10, 2017 3:47:32 PM / by Brandon Carter


Admit it, when you saw SLCHUG was hosting an event about "Content Pillars" you were probably thinking it was some sort of tutorial on how to create a giant eBook or some other 10x or 100x (is there really a limit of the x-multiples you can have?) piece of actual content.

While that kind of piece may be the end result of your work, this workshop was all about the process. It was as much about the "why" as the what.

Justin Champion, Hubspot Content Professor, literally drove across the country, over 10,000 miles and several stops, to make his way to help out the folks at SLCHUG.

And help he did. We literally walked through the writing of content mission statements, personas, buyers journey and more, in small groups. People who had never even thought of these walked out of the meeting with them in hand, plus feedback from peers and in some cases, the entire crowd.

Over 90 people in total came to the event, most of them walking away with not only a workbook but a full fledged content road map and some specific ideas.

Most of which I won't give away here!

Jerk! Right?

That's the benefit of coming to an event in person!

If you want a copy of the workbook, message me on the Slack or send me an email. I can hook you up.)

Here's some video Doc shot on Facebook LIVE, just to help soothe your pain. Then keep reading:

Here's the big takeaway I had.

Put in the time to build that foundation, then add to it regularly. Spend more time making your content binge worthy, even if it means publishing the content of said 100x eBook directly on the landing page itself.

That's right. Put it all out there; according to Champion's data, people will still give you their email address just to keep it and read it via PDF. Just create content around topics your buyers care about and guide them through it.

Continue building on those pieces of content (hint: try clustering them by topics, and start with what you've already created that fits within this clusters) and soon you'll have gigantic pillars.

If you want to see a real life example, check out Justin's own creation: WildWeWander. He and his wife Ariele have packed up their belongings into a small camper, converted their truck bed into a sleeping unit, and set out across the US. And they've basically put together the content to teach anyone how to do the same. 

You can go to their site and learn how to live on the road. It's awesome.

Even better? Go there, find the main CTA just above the fold, and click it for an example of this different approach to an eBook.

Then click on the next CTA. See how he addresses his audience with content that they can binge upon.

I won't reveal all of the secrets we learned last week, but you can certainly find many of them in action for yourself.

Enjoy, and many thanks to all of you who came out, 50 West for hosting us, and HubSpot for sponsoring us!

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Recap Video

Doc put together this recap video of the event on his new #Vlog


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