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Dragging Your Email Marketing Out of the Stone Age - #SLCHUG February 2018 Recap with Elise Beck from HubSpot

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As long as humanity has communicated, marketers have pounced.

Print, phone, broadcast, online, mobile - where people connect with each other, there we are to interrupt.

Or at least, that's how it feels to most people.

Do you think there was spam written on cave walls? Or unsolicited stone tablet invitations?

Anyway, there's nothing necessarily wrong with marketing, and using the available methods of communication to draw people toward your particular message.

It's just that marketers have been historically abusive with these channels. We send the wrong messages to the wrong people at the wrong time - over and over again.

As a result, marketers rank below politicians and lawyers in terms of public trust. (Repeat HUG visitors will remember this stat from Dan Tyre's November 2017 presentation.)

How do we fix this? Specifically, how do we salvage our email efforts, the digital channel where we have our best shot at a receptive, one-to-one audience?

caveman.gifThat's the topic we covered on February 22 SLCHUG meeting downtown at Club 50 West.

Our guest of honor, straight outta Boston, was Elise Beck, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

Elise's presentation covered the best ways to make sure your emails hit their mark. Not all of them are revelations - in fact, many of them are things most people know but don't necessarily follow.

Like segmenting as much as you can, based on things like titles, on-site behavior, geographic location, company size, funnel position, etc. The more information you have and use the better your emails will be, which means you need better content for people to convert on and tools like smart fields to use to acquire the valuable data. 

There's no trickery or black hats involved here. Elise's overall theme was be more human. Write emails for people from people and focus on what they want - not what you want.

There's a ton of valuable information in her presentation and some HubSpot-specific methods to grow your email engagement and close more deals. 

Also, we highly recommend you revisit Ian Shields' email workflows presentation from 2017. He created a piece that walks you through several specific behavior-based automated emails that will engage and refine your contact base. Check it out here.


We were also joined by Denis from DepositFix Thursday morning. DepositFix enables payments, discounts, donations and more through a direct HubSpot integration. It integrates fully into just about any CMS, and will let your automate some useful stuff like credit card expiration email notifications.

Super sweet tool that is a godsend for HubSpot eCommerce customers.

Email for a free 45 day trial if you mention SLCHUG. 

Here are the slides from the event


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