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Exploring the Next Evolution of HubSpot with Jeff Russo - SLCHUG September 27, 2018 Recap

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 8, 2018 11:29:43 AM / by Brandon Carter

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In the superhero-style origin story of HubSpot, the company looks a bit like Peter Parker.

Skinny (niche focus on smaller businesses and lone marketers), nerdy (endless top-funnel content), and well-intentioned despite urges to lash back against larger bullies. 
Then they developed some supernatural powers and over time learned to harness them. From a basic CMS, email and workflow tool, their particular spider bite enhanced their abilities in the form of a CRM, ads, conversational tools, sales and service add-ons.
With all those toys in hand, now HubSpot is Spiderman, swinging around skyscrapers, pulling helicopters out of the sky, hanging out with other big shot superheroes (integrations!). 
It’s quite the growth arc!
I guess this makes regular customers and inbound marketing professionals…uh…Mary Jane Watson?
I mean that in the sense of, we’re just trying to keep up
A lot of us started dating Spiderman…I mean using HubSpot…before so many of these bells and whistles were added. In many cases we’re solo marketers or part of small teams, and used to wearing many hats. 
But every year HubSpot adds more and more features, and while they maintain that Peter Parker innocence (hello free tiers!), they also have to deal with Enterprise clients and the villains that particular crowd battles. 
It’s tough, but that’s why you have your friends at the local HUG to help you keep up and stay on top. 
At the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group, we had the privilege of hosting Jeffrey Russo, Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot.
No one knows this stuff better than Jeff. Which makes him like the Tony Stark of HubSpot. (Remember in the new movies Stark is the one who gives Parker his cool toys.)
Jeff walked us through a tangled web of new additions and changes. All of them are great, and almost all of them are applicable to any size business. Things like sales alerts in Slack, chat bots, a slick video hosting platform, contracts and more - super useful, but requiring some Peter Parker-style studying. 
It’s too much for me to walk you through, and Russo had to fight to get through all of it in our allotted hour.
Check out the slides below, and be sure to spend some time at I also recommend calling up your customer success person at HubSpot and registering for upcoming SLCHUG events (see Housekeeping below), where we’ll dive into local examples of these tools in action. 
Thanks a ton to Lucid for hosting us in their killer new space and to Jeff for coming out and patiently taking 500 questions during and after the presentation.  


  • Our next official meeting will be in December as part of the Grow With HubSpot event coming to town. Stay tuned for registration and details.
  • BUT we might also have an intensive or small workshop in the coming weeks. Be sure you’re on our mailing list for that info, as those events fill up very quickly.
  • Join us on Slack, where you can get a lot of your practical HubSpot questions answered, find a new job, and show off your latest campaign.
  • Come speak with us! You don’t have to be a polished speaker, just be wiling to share something you’ve learned or a campaign that kicked ass.

Thanks to everyone who came out and continue to contribute to the community!

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