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[February SLCHUG Meeting RECAP] Peak Performing Websites AND Marketers

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 2, 2016 9:54:07 AM / by Brandon Carter


I have to admit, when I first saw that the topic for the February SLCHUG meeting was web design, my reaction was, “Well, that’s irrelevant to me.” I’m fortunate to work in a marketing department with a several designers who manage that stuff. I write and handle the big picture.

So I guilted my designers into coming and figured I would get some good phone time in during the speakers.

Wrong. Wrong and wrong!

About ten minutes into Bryant Garvin’s presentation about conversion rate optimization it dawned on me: This is the big picture, and I need to spend more time in it.

The SLCHUG community already knew this, as evidenced by the fact we had over 150 registrations and two-thirds of you came out. Even more impressive was that nearly everyone in the crowd identified themselves as HubSpot customers - which means conversations around design, functionality and conversion are highly relevant.

Everyone Designs

It’s popular to talk about how everyone is a writer now. Well, we’re all designers too, in a way. At least in the sense that everything we create asks for interaction. And whether it’s a block of text in an email, a landing page or an infographic, it’s either going to draw people in or push them away.

The job of a marketer is always to draw people in. As Bryant pointed out in so many examples, we can make it so much easier on ourselves. Things like triggering a numeric input on a mobile form instead of the regular keypad make it easier to draw people in. Yet even basic mobile responsiveness is frequently ignored.

A solution presents itself in the form of Luke Summerfield’s presentation. Luke’s idea is to not make assumptions about what people want, but to utilize feedback and data to build a site that delivers exactly what people are looking for.

Check out the slides below, and be sure to check out the linked sites on each presenter’s name for more information.

Also, mark out your calendars for May 26th, when we’re bringing in HubSpot OG Dan Tyre and breaking in a new location in downtown SLC - Club 50 West.

Here is the slidedeck for your enjoyment:

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