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[Recap] Geeking Out with HubSpot - Nov 11 #SLCHUG

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 13, 2015 2:28:00 PM / by Brandon Carter

Attendees at the Nov 11 SLCHUG

Add-ons, Integrations, Workflows and Lead Scoring... Oh My!

I have to confess that when I first became involved with the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group, it was for meetings like the one we had Wednesday. I get the value of learning about the inbound marketing concepts, networking with peers, and the other benefits of SLCHUG. But what I really wanted was to dig into the software itself, and maximize my ability to acquire and close leads and build better customer relationships.

And that’s what we got on Wednesday.

The highlight was a full hour from HubSpot’s Maggie Georgieva on automation and workflows, and how they can help in each of the four inbound phases. According to SLCHUG member survey responses, this was an area nearly everyone was curious about. Likely because it's also the most complex and intimidating aspect of the software.

But, as you’ll see in the slides, Maggie broke out a few basic ways to wade into automation, including setting up a basic nurturing workflow that drips several emails.

Protip for HubSpot users: pull up the forums (at or under the little graduation cap icon in the upper right) and search for “workflows” to see other people’s questions and expert responses - many of which will be provided by Maggie herself. Tons of good info there.

Maggie also touched on lead scoring, how to get started with the basic tool that comes with HubSpot, as well as the predictive lead scoring that comes with Enterprise. 

Before Maggie presented was more geekery, as Ben Beck and Matthew Dalrymple of Lendio did a deep dive into HubSpot’s integration with Zapier. They went over more than a dozen use cases, each designed to extend a marketer’s productivity, capability, and reach. If you’re like me and work in a smaller marketing organization, this integration automates things that were once hands-on and/or expensive - like automatically sending a follow-up gift (thanks to integration with ZenDirect, (who also made a presentation at the meeting), or firing off a pre-webinar SMS message.

Best of all, the guys provided a resource with a ton of tutorials and walkthrus:

Before the two primary presentations was a brief breakdown of the new HubSpot addons by myself and Doc. And when I say breakdown on mine, I do mean breakdown. Protip: practice with your technology before you do your live presentation.

The common theme among both the Reporting Addon and the Ads Addon, according myself and Doc, is that neither seems quite ready for primetime, though each serves a useful function. In the case of reporting, it’s great how you can combine both marketing and sales reports into attractive dashboards. For the ads, it makes managing LinkedIn ad campaigns fairly easy.

The recommendation of both is to wait and see. Although if you’re using HubSpot CRM and have more than one or two sales people, or if you have a significant database with a lot of traffic to your site, I’d definitely take the Reporting Addon for a whirl.

Speaking of the Reporting add-on, Doc mentioned we would send out a link the great webinar recording that the HubSpot Academy presented the day before our event. You can check that out here.

Here is the slide deck from the event.

Overall, another great meeting, and this one with better catering (right?). Thanks to everyone for coming out, and be sure to bring your friends to the next one, on February 25, 2016. We’re bringing in HubSpot’s Luke Summerfield, who rocked it at Inbound and will rock it for SLC!

February 2015 #SLCHUG - Growth Driven Design

As always, send us your feedback and requests, and we’ll see you in February!


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