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Let’s HUG It Out: Welcome to the New Salt Lake HubSpot User Group

[fa icon="calendar'] May 7, 2015 4:49:25 PM / by Brandon Carter


A little over a year ago, after hours of demos and deliberation, my office settled on a marketing automation platform - HubSpot. A B2B business that had traditionally relied on referrals and trade shows was taking a big plunge into an entirely different world.

Coming from a social and PR background, I was familiar with inbound marketing - or at least the idea of drawing leads in and closing their business by being helpful and building trust.

I thought I was prepared to grab the reins of something as powerful as HubSpot.

I wasn’t.

I was like a kid whose toy gun had miraculously been replaced with an Abrams assault tank. I was suddenly capable of doing a lot of things, and potentially causing a lot of damage.

The customer support and consultants at HubSpot were amazing and did an incredible job of making sure I didn’t blast my database and brand into a crater.

But what I really, really needed was peers. People in my situation, here in Utah, in B2B companies, marketing to a similar niche - I’d take any number of similar traits, I just wanted someone to learn from and bounce ideas off of.

Welcome to the SLCHUG

Look, the marketing world is changing. The idea of “batch, blast and harass” doesn’t work anymore. People are savvy. They know when they’re being marketed to, and most of the time they won’t bite.

Because of that, many of us in this world are switching to the idea of inbound marketing.

There is a growing community of marketers in the same boat here in Salt Lake City, HubSpot users and beyond. Therefore we’re forming the SLC HubSpot User Group.

While SLCHUG has existed in varying forms before, with some great meetings, this is going to be a more concerted, ongoing effort. We have the support of HubSpot and a team of committed volunteers.

And you. You’re awesome.

We’re hoping to be your top resource for networking, professional education, fun meetings, big time speakers, and all things inbound marketing.

Who is the HubSpot User Group (HUG)?

The broadest definition is we’re marketers with an inbound focus. We’re writers, designers, social managers, bloggers, strategists, UX gurus, illustrators, CEOs, VPs, coordinators, interns, and any other title under the sun.

Our group is free to join and all-inclusive. You don’t have to be a HubSpot user, or even a current “inbound” marketer. You just have to possess an interest in learning and sharing.

Right now the team is being led by Darin “Doc” Berntson, who’s already a well-known marketing and social guru in the area. Doc’s company. Bernco Media, is a certified HubSpot partner.

Then there’s me, Brandon Carter. I’m a marketing communications guy for Access Development, a 30 year old loyalty and rewards company here in SLC. I’m a HubSpot user who really digs the inbound philosophy and is eager to connect with others that are like minded.

Doc and I are merely facilitators - a user group goes as the users go, so you are going to play a huge role in this endeavor.

How do I Join?

Right now the best way to join is to subscribe to our alerts on the home page.

Then, go register for our first event at SLCC on June 9. We’re going to have Dan Tyre and Anna Norregaard from HubSpot talking about the world of inbound, and I’m going to jump into the HubSpot lists tool to talk about the many ways it can be used to segment your database.

Please sign up! It’s free and we’re going to have FOOD!

About Those Meetings

We plan to have meetings on a quarterly basis. Each one will have a mix of great speakers talking about their experiences as inbound marketers, real life applications from peers, and deep dives into the HubSpot marketing software.

If there’s enough interest, we may have more frequent, smaller meetings that serve as “deep dives” into the software or any number of inbound topics.

As for now, we’re looking for people with stories and expertise to share. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise or how your company found success through inbound marketing, we’d really like to hear from you - Drop me an email here.

Thanks for Joining Us!

Be sure to register for our June 9 event and subscribe to our alerts on the home page.

Also, be sure you follow us on Twitter and join our group on LinkedIn.

Thanks for being part of this growing, awesome community! We look forward to having you join us on the inbound journey!


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Brandon Carter

Written by Brandon Carter

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