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A New Path For Sales and Marketing - #SLCHUG October 2017 Recap

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Inbound was, like, a month ago.

Now what?

Whatcha gonna do with all the new ideas and tools that emerged from Boston last month? How do you sort it all out and get your operation on board with things that seem to change by the day?

It's intimidating, but your friends at #SLCHUG are here to help.

The emerging theme of our October 2017 meeting could be summed up as "The New Path for Sales and Marketing." Between a point-by-point new product rundown by Doc and Dan Tyre's presentation on how the inbound methodology is spreading throughout organizations and even into the rapidly evolving world of robots. 

It's a lot to digest, but it's all good news for people like us.

Check out these brief recaps, and be sure to note the slides and housekeeping notes below.

Darin Berntson - @iGoByDoc - HubSpot Product Announcements Recap

Basically, HubSpot announced a whole buncha stuff at Inbound, some of which you can play with today (with much more coming in early 2018). 

For more details and to watch Christopher O'Donnell's keynote, go to

Essentially, HubSpot is focusing on the total inbound experience, from discovery all the way through retention. They're zeroing in on hubs: marketing, sales, and customer. 

In the world of marketing, that means things like a slick new Facebook ads tool, publishing to Instagram, Campaign Reporting, COS/CMS upgrades, and the Content Strategy tool that may already be live in your portal.

For Sales, there's a whole slew of upgrades to Sales Professional. A native Shopify integration too, for you eCommerce folks. 

The Customer Hub enables you to create tickets and escalations for issues and build a knowledge base for quick reference. It's all built on the new Conversations tool that's going to tie in all your inbound messaging for easy management and assigning.

Anyway, there's a lot more than that, like the coming robot revolution after HubSpot acquired 

(Be sure to check out our most recent blog post for a few more notes on the products as well as some helpful links and Inbound breakout recaps)

Dan Tyre - @DanTyre - The Inbound Organization in 2017, 2018 and Beyond

Speaking of robots, they've always been associated with the future. As HubSpot Original Gangsta Dan Tyre points out, that future is right now. 

Those robots are examples of how things are changing. Organizations have more opportunities to connect directly with their prospects and customers. And it isn't just marketing - the inbound concept of attracting people through value is spreading to HR, product development, recruiting, and more. 

We - sales and marketing pros - need to start getting this right. According to one slide in Dan's deck, marketing and sales pros are trusted less than politicians and lobbyists! Even your local barista has a better reputation than us.

The time to change that is now, and our excuses are running out because we have more tools and resources at our disposal than ever before. It's never been harder to be a marketer, but the opportunity has never been greater. 

The key? Focus on value and building trust. Not marketing, not sales.

On a side note, scroll through Dan's slides and you'll notice two programs many of you may not know about: A HubSpot scholarship program for startups, and a program for military veterans. Freakin' cool.

The Slides


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