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Building Content Pillars with Justin Champion - June 1, 2017 #SLCHUG Recap

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 10, 2017 3:47:32 PM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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Admit it, when you saw SLCHUG was hosting an event about "Content Pillars" you were probably thinking it was some sort of tutorial on how to create a giant eBook or some other 10x or 100x (is there really a limit of the x-multiples you can have?) piece of actual content.

While that kind of piece may be the end result of your work, this workshop was all about the process. It was as much about the "why" as the what.

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Recap(ish) of the April 2017 #SLCHUG Intensive

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 28, 2017 9:40:00 AM / by Brandon Carter

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For the two years Doc and I have been organizing SLCHUG events, the most frequent request we’ve heard is small groups.

Seems everyone enjoys the bigger events and broader topics, but this is a user group built around a tool. It makes sense that we would have some events that are just deep dives into HubSpot.

So we did. Last month brought a workshop on workflows, and Thursday marked out first ever small group intensive.

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Getting Into Workflows with Ian Shields (March 2017 SLCHUG Workshop Recap)

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 28, 2017 10:36:57 AM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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You wanted a user group - now you got a user group!

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#SLCHUG Feb 23, 2017 Event Recap - Sales and Marketing Mojo

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2017 10:39:52 AM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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After 4+ month break since our last full meeting, the band of marketers and HubSpotters that comprise the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group finally gathered once again on February 23rd.

We packed a lot into our two hours at the Salt Mine co-working space, including a couple new tools and a couple talks on how marketers can get better aligned with their sales teams.

First, the housekeeping:

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#SLCHUG Closes out 2016 with Deep Knowledge on Tough Marketing Topics

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 31, 2016 9:20:00 AM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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#SLCHUG closed out the year (yeah, the whole year) with a new location and some great content around three topics very few of us know well: social selling, video marketing, and LinkedIn ads.

At least, I don’t know any of those well.

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#SLCHUG Dives Into Marketing Automation - Recapping the August 18, 2016 Meeting

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 30, 2016 7:20:20 AM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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The Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group had yet another good crowd on August 18th, full of first timers and a LOT of actual HubSpot users. Which is appropriate, since it's the…uhhh, HubSpot User Group.

It was a great meeting for those users to be at, too. Because both of our speakers dug into some specific topics central to the HubSpot experience: automation and email.

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The Relationship Side of Inbound - Recapping the May 25 #SLCHUG Meeting

[fa icon="calendar'] May 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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"At it's core, inbound marketing is building relationships with your audience by providing them with value."
-Dan Tyre
I think that's a nice summation of the inbound marketing philosophy. Heck, that's a nice philosophy for life, right?
It works for other things too, like the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group.

Stage humor from Sal Lake City #slchug #inboundmarketing #inboundsales #hubspot

A photo posted by Dan Tyre (@dantyre1) on

Dan Tyre, quotable HubSpot OG himself, was a featured speaker at our May 25 meeting. A meeting which occurred at swanky new digs in downtown SLC - Club 50 West. With a full breakfast to boot. Here's the recap.
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[February SLCHUG Meeting RECAP] Peak Performing Websites AND Marketers

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 2, 2016 9:54:07 AM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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I have to admit, when I first saw that the topic for the February SLCHUG meeting was web design, my reaction was, “Well, that’s irrelevant to me.” I’m fortunate to work in a marketing department with a several designers who manage that stuff. I write and handle the big picture.

So I guilted my designers into coming and figured I would get some good phone time in during the speakers.

Wrong. Wrong and wrong!

About ten minutes into Bryant Garvin’s presentation about conversion rate optimization it dawned on me: This is the big picture, and I need to spend more time in it.

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[Recap] Geeking Out with HubSpot - Nov 11 #SLCHUG

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 13, 2015 2:28:00 PM / by Brandon Carter posted in #SLCHUG meeting recaps,

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Add-ons, Integrations, Workflows and Lead Scoring... Oh My!

I have to confess that when I first became involved with the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group, it was for meetings like the one we had Wednesday. I get the value of learning about the inbound marketing concepts, networking with peers, and the other benefits of SLCHUG. But what I really wanted was to dig into the software itself, and maximize my ability to acquire and close leads and build better customer relationships.

And that’s what we got on Wednesday.

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We Need Your Feedback

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 26, 2015 7:30:00 AM / by Brandon Carter posted in salt lake city hubspot user group

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Two meetings in, and we think things are going pretty well here at the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group! We know there are things that we need to work on, and things that are working just dandy. 

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