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Gettin' All Hot and Technical In Here - Recap of the April 24 SLCHUG Workshop with David Malmborg and Cameron Evans

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 30, 2018 10:20:05 AM / by Brandon Carter

The only thing more difficult than executing an effective digital marketing campaign is making it to I-15 from Thanksgiving Point in less than 30 minutes.
Seriously, it’s like half a mile to the highway; what’s with the endless traffic?!
SLCHUG can’t help with the shortcuts to the highway, but our friends at SolutionReach probably can.
We can, however, help with the digital marketing stuff.
Or at least some of our smarty pants members can.
The Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group met for a workshop on Thursday, April 26, at the offices of health care engagement marketing bigwig SolutionReach
As you might be aware, our workshop meetings are a bit different than the bigger group gatherings. Workshops are specifically for tactics - things anyone can walk out and immediately apply in their own marketing efforts.
This month’s focuses (foci?): Google Tag Manager and email, taught by a couple whizzbangs. 
A brief summary and the slides are below. 
But wait!

Check out this brief bit of housekeeping first:

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  • Join us on Slack! - If you’re reading this and thinking, “GTM and email ugh those topics are garbage!” Well guess what? Those topics came directly from conversations and suggestions from the community on Slack. That’s one reason to join; another is free and open access to super smart people who love finding creative solutions to marketing problems.

On to the content….

First up Goole Tag Manager

David Malmborg, longtime SLCHUGster and marketing wizard at Utah Digital Services, broke down a practical tool most marketers aren’t even aware of: Google Tag Manager. 
This free tool has a ton of uses, but it intimidating if you’re not technically minded. Dave actually does a really good job out breaking down how to directly connect it to your goals and KPIs, while also speeding up your website, building user journeys, and going around your IT staff for certain web changes (always a win). 
HubSpot has a lot of good reports for users, but Google Tag Manager shines in one area HubSpot doesn’t: users who don’t convert. 
Check out the slides below, and hop onto our Slack channel to harass Dave with technical questions. (We all do it.)

Next up: Email Marketing

Last meeting we heard from Elise Beck about emailing best practices. Super useful, of course, but she wasn’t able to really dig into individual email types and how they might work from within your HubSpot portal. 
That’s why we had Cameron Evans, marketing operations maven for SolutionReach, walk us through some specific emails every company should be sending.
He explained why every email is different and should be treated as such. For example, a content fulfillment email is different from a sales outreach email - not just in content but in who it should be sent from, whether it should have graphics, things like that.
For some additional resources, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Ian Shields’ automation playbook (free!) and my presentation on reporting from late last year.
People check their email 74 times a day. If you have good content that’s personalized and sent at the right time, it can and will make a HUGE difference in your efforts.
Each email should have one purpose, and should be sent from a person. If you combine these concepts with the deep segmentation ideas from Elise’s presentation, you will soon be a Marketing Guru of the highest degree, and worshipped as such by your sales team.
The slides are blow, and we look forward to seeing you next month!

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