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Making Love Connections Between Sales and Marketing - August 24, 2017 #SLCHUG Recap

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If there were a simple solution to make marketing and sales work together, life would be so much simpler. 

But like any other relationship, it takes work and understanding and all that other fun stuff. 

Marketing and sales share the goal of closing more deals, but getting to that point is an art form.

There are good leads and bad leads. But that's not all, there are good leads who are ready to do business, and good leads who need some time. There are bad leads that are useless, then there are bad leads that are worth hanging on to for a little bit.

That's just some of the details the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group dug into Thursday morning at Salt Mine. We were led by Kyle Jepson (LinkedIn, Twitter), Inbound Sales Professor at HubSpot Academy.

Kyle, a BYU grad, chose this SLCHUG meeting to debut some cool news: there is a sales enablement certification and course at the HubSpot Academy. Check it out:

If you look through his slides, there's a ton of good info in there. He shares how to use your tools to your advantage, specifically filtering your leads into specific groups like titles and geographic location. He talked about identifying the buying stage, and which leads should be passed over and which leads need to be cuddled and nurtured (this is about relationships, right?).

But it isn't just on marketing to make the relationship work. Oh no, sales can contribute too. They can contact leads quickly when necessary, provide feedback when a lead doesn't land, send slow leads back to marketing's nurturing arms, and much more.

See what I mean? It's a relationship. Marketing and Sales are like mom and dad, working together to raise kids and close leads. 

It's wonderful. But, it takes work.

Enjoy the slides. More important stuff below it - keep reading!

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And take it from me, the guy with a proven track record of failed live demos and combo curse words on stage, the SLCHUG crowd is very forgiving and more than happy to stick with any presenter.

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