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The Champion Returns - Recap of the May 24 SLCHUG Meetup with Content Master Justin Champion

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Content is king!
That's one of those fun, overstated pieces of wisdom that content marketing speakers say on stage because it makes them sound important.
Yeah, content is important. But what's more important is content that performs. 
Quality is important, but what ultimately matters is rankings, eyeballs, and conversions.
Content needs a strategy! That's what we spent two solid hours on at the most recent SLCHUG meeting, downtown at Club 50 West on May 24. 
Check out our brief summary and the slides (plus a link to a workbook) from our presenter, Justin Champion, below. 
But wait! 

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Meeting Recap!

Justin Champion - SLCHUG
Last year, we hosted one of a handful of Content Pillar workshops produced by HubSpot’s Principal Inbound Professor Justin Champion. It was easily one of our most popular meetings - and by popular demand, Justin rolled back into town again for an encore. 
No, literally he drove into town towing his airstream. He and his wife live on the road! Check out their WildWeWonder website for updates and tips.
This year Justin brought an extended version of his content workshop and workbook. And we could go into every exact detail about what he said, but you should just buy the book.
That’s right! Justin has published a book that’s like a complete guide to building a content-centric marketing plan. While we gave several copies away to attendees, you can buy your own copy here.
No, we won’t cover all the details. But here’s the big picture:
You need your content to rank. To rank, you need your content to be incredibly useful and/or authoritative. To pull people into your content and deeper into your competencies, you have to have supporting content that answers questions and inspires people. 
The big authoritative piece of content in the middle of your strategy is your pillar, and it’s centered around the keyword you want to own on search engines. You can have multiple pillar pages, but each one needs to have its own supporting content. 
Here’s a real life example of this philosophy killing it on Google. Search for "encryption key management," or just click here to check out a high-performing pillar page. 
Why is this so important?
Well, for starters, people don’t make it past the first page on Google.
Second, according to Ahrefs, the average first page ranking will also rank well for about 1000 other keywords. 
Yeah, that’s worth it. 
Make great content, put a low barrier of entry into it (for example, publish some free eBooks without a form, or just ask for an email), then make sure it’s all connected so your readers can binge on it like it’s the latest season of Stranger Things.
Check below for the slides from this one, as well as a link to the workbook Justin handed out. Print it out and spend some time with it - content with a clear strategy behind it is far more likely to reach and impact your intended audience than random acts of marketing.

Before the decks, load up these links: 

Oh, and don’t get a $20 million fine due to GDPR violations. Check these links (as referenced in the deck): 

Here is the deck from the workshop.

See you at the next SLCHUG meetup! 

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