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Setting Sail with HubSpot for Sales - The December 2018 #SLCHUG Recap

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 17, 2018 1:35:20 PM / by Brandon Carter

Back in September there was a major hubbub around HubSpot’s new hubs.
So many new gadgets and gizmos and features and integrations. There’s no way to keep up, unless you’re the most die-hard of HubSpotters. Comprehension requires a great deal of research, and so far your friends at the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group have been happy to help. 
(Really, we’re trying to master this new stuff too.)
So we hosted Jeffrey Russo, who did a phenomenal breakdown of the new stuff back in September. 
But we wanted more. Step one: bring in Nora!
That’s right. Our glad tidings brought Nora Edmunds, one of the top Account Executives at HubSpot, all the way in from Denver. 
Her task, at our request: break down HubSpot for Sales, from the existing features to the new stuff. 
To make her task even more challenging, we asked her to talk and take questions for longer than usual. (We promise a full serving of Dan Tyre soon.)
And she did a fantastic job! 
We can’t really recap it piece-by-piece here, as it was a live workshop (sorry, no slides), but tinker with the tools yourself, and join our Slack group to pose your questions. We are always in there and happy to help. 
And most of all, thanks for another fantastic, fun year of HubSpotting and smart marketing in general. For both myself and Doc, it’s a pleasure to serve this community, and we hope to see you in 2019 beginning with our event in February!

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