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#SLCHUG Feb 23, 2017 Event Recap - Sales and Marketing Mojo

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2017 10:39:52 AM / by Brandon Carter

SLCHUG Feb 2017 - Recap

After 4+ month break since our last full meeting, the band of marketers and HubSpotters that comprise the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group finally gathered once again on February 23rd.

We packed a lot into our two hours at the Salt Mine co-working space, including a couple new tools and a couple talks on how marketers can get better aligned with their sales teams.

First, the housekeeping:

  • By popular demand, we're adding more meetings! We'll continue to have our quarterly large gatherings, but we're mixing in smaller, more HubSpot-focused meetings in between.
  • Next month we'll have a workshop focusing on one specific topic led by an expert user. The topic and expert will be announced shortly, so keep an eye out.
  • Then in April, we're having a small group, intensive workshop where 8-10 attendees will be expected to bring their laptops and HubSpot portals, and together we'll figure out how to solve problems and build better campaigns. Be sure to sign for alerts to receive updates.
  • The Inbound contest as we knew it is no longer, but we are still able to win some cool stuff. Instead of VIP treatment at the conference, we'll be rewarded with VIP speakers at our HUG meetings. People like Tony Robbins and Bono.
  • Okay so not those guys, but HubSpot VIPs like the co-founders. These will be rewarded to thos known as SUPER HUGS! We happen to be one right now, so let's keep that momentum going.
  • Also, we're going to give away an Echo Dot at our next large group meeting in May to one lucky attendee via a raffle. 
  • Are you on Slack? So is SLCHUG. Click here to check it out and join the conversation.

With all that out of the way, Doc walked through a breakdown of the Meetings tool. This is one is very useful to connect 1-to-1 with leads, and cut out the usual dance of trying to find times to meet.

Click here to check out the Meetings tool.

Then yours truly celebrated the glory of every snobby marketer's bane, pop-ups and the Lead Flows tool. It's very useful and not spammy so long as you use the messages wisely. If you're content is good, people won't mind you asking for their contact info.

Click here to check out lead flows. If you'd like to see it live on my blog, click here.

And here's a HubSpot Academy breakdown of the tool, which is available for free to all, and as a portal integration to HubSpot customers.

After Doc and I go out of the way, David Malmborg (LinkedIn, Twitter) of FairCom broke down some of the intricate details of how to properly mate your HubSpot portal and SalesForce. A lot of people use SalesForce for their CRM, and these people know that it speaks a very different language than the simpler HubSpot marketing and CRM portals.

Check out Dave's portion of the presentation deck below for a lot of details on how his organization handles leads between marketing and sales, and how their technological systems are mated up.

Kit Lyman (LinkedIn, Twitter) an Implementation Specialist from HubSpot, wrapped us up with a presentation on Five Actionable Steps to Align Marketing and Sales. Like Dave, Kit's talk focused on using the tools at your disposal to make sure your sales reps get the leads at the right time - not just all leads, but the right leads. Use your tools and actually *talk* to your sales team to create a system that results in quicker, more profitable closes.

Check out the slides from Kit's presentation, along with everyone else's below.


Thanks to everyone for coming out, and to HubSpot for helping us put the event on. We hope you found it useful and worth your time - if you have feedback, or have a topic you want to hear about, or are willing to be a speaker at an upcoming event, reach out to myself or Doc and let us know. Or click this nifty CTA and let us know on via the form.

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