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The Relationship Side of Inbound - Recapping the May 25 #SLCHUG Meeting

[fa icon="calendar'] May 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Brandon Carter

SLCHUG Event Recap May 25 2016
"At it's core, inbound marketing is building relationships with your audience by providing them with value."
-Dan Tyre
I think that's a nice summation of the inbound marketing philosophy. Heck, that's a nice philosophy for life, right?
It works for other things too, like the Salt Lake City HubSpot User Group.

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Dan Tyre, quotable HubSpot OG himself, was a featured speaker at our May 25 meeting. A meeting which occurred at swanky new digs in downtown SLC - Club 50 West. With a full breakfast to boot. Here's the recap.

Housekeeping from Doc:

  • You should plan to attend Inbound 2016. Use promo code HUGSaltLakeCity to save a few bucks, and help the group win a contest for VIP accommodations at the conference! Be sure to get names of people attending from your organization to Doc to keep track of. (Note: We are already over 10, so part 1 has been won.)
  • Our friends at SLCSEM are hosting a two-day Digital Marketing Conference in August. They've got some big time speakers lined up, like Marcus Sheridan, Amy Schmittauer, and Justin Champion from HubSpot. Save 20% by using the code SLCHUGdmc through June 9th. What are you waiting for, grab your ticket today.
  • HubSpot has introduced several new certifications. These are free and open to everyone, and are a nice addition to your LinkedIn profiles and you know, professional capabilities.
  • Not from Doc, but Dan - Follow the HubSpot Academy on Twitter.

Lead Rotation Workflow from me:

I showed off a new feature that myself and many others have been eagerly awaiting - random lead rotation. If you have multiple sales reps you assign leads out to, this workflow addition will distribute leads out randomly, but evenly. Check out the details here:

The Inbound Organization from Dan Tyre

As always, Dan brought the energy. He should've been pumped up, what with a morning spent breaking SLC's important jaywalking laws.
Dan's presentation broke down the essential elements of inbound marketing and what an inbound organization looks like. It begins with blogging and sharing knowledge, and the content should be so good that they want more. Eventually you earn their trust and the opportunity to convert them into customers. Which also presents the opportunity to delight them. 
"You don't close a deal; you start a relationship."
Here are some of the blog posts Dan referenced in his presentation, along with some of his other greatest hits:

Amelia Wilcox of Incorporate Massage

If you want to hear the true entrepreneur story, where the hero is at wit's end and grinds their way into success, then you need to hear Amelia. 
Her credit cards were all maxed out. Her husband was working two part-time jobs alongside his role as a firefighter. She had three kids to take care of.
HubSpot played a major role in helping her scale her business, and now she has a national service, hundreds of employees, and a kick ass HUG presentation to share.
Scroll through her slides and see how she utilizes the HubSpot CRM, Sales by HubSpot (formerly Sidekick and Signals) including Sequences to grow her business and make life easier on her reps. 
It was a great presentation that covered the high strategy as well as down in the dirt tactics. 

Here are the slides:

The audience consisted of mostly first time visitors, most of whom were HubSpot customers. It goes to show that the company is still growing and there's going to be a growing need for knowledge and resources that help people make the most of the service. Hopefully SLCHUG can help facilitate that. 
To everyone who registered and came out, thank you! If you registered but were unable to attend, we missed you.
We'll be meeting again in August and would love to see you again!

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